06, Jul, 2019

Basic Computer Fundamentals & Basic Programming Fundamentals

This compact module will take you from zero knowledge to having a solid understanding of the basic concepts of computer science and programming lanugages.
To keep the module interesting and entertaining, we use a lot of examples to explain the individual topics. Amongst many other things we will learn about the importance of algorithms and how we can create one and why they are incredibly important. We will also learn about different approaches to programming such as imperative, declarative and object oriented programming. We’re going to give you real world examples outside of code and computer programs to make sure everybody is able to understand what we are talking about.At the end of this module you will have a fundamental understanding of the most important concepts of computer science and programming and can try your luck on an easy test exercise. The module also contains a kind of glossary where we’ve listed definitions and explanations for the most important terms so you always have them at your fingertips

Fundamentals of Linux Programming

  • Linux History and Operation,
  • Installing and Configuring Linux,
  • Shells, Commands, and Navigation,
  • Common Text Editors,
  • Administering Linux,
  • Introduction to Users and Groups,
  • Linux shell scripting
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